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On a crazy field trip, amateur detective Dewey "Mac" McClain discovers the mayor's dog is missing. Dewey and best friend Ched (not Chad, as Dewey's mom always says) start the Awesome Kid Agency (aka: AKA) and take the case. Can Dewey find the missing dog, thwart a kidnapping, and still finish his homework by Monday morning? Want some adventure in your life? After reading this tale you can make all of the spy gadgets that Dewey Mac makes. That's right! All you will need are a few common and inexpensive items. 

In Dog Gone Dog, Dewey is always inventing gadgets to help him solve the crime, deal with his family, and survive the school bully named Zinc. The Awesome Kid Agency (AKA) Detective Manual, gives instructions on how to recreate spy gadgets, detective techniques, and pranks that are part of the story. The AKA Detective Manual is also educational (shhh, don't tell the kids) as it explains the why and how behind each entry. Readers can use common items around the house to inexpensively make these real working toys, including: 

  • write and read codes
  • a Glass Ear (a microphone that listens through windows)
  • the Interrogator 3000 (a lie detector)
  • room alarms
  • Claw Blaster - grappling hook gun
  • and many more

No project is too hard or too expensive, so all children can enjoy, experiment, and learn from these STEM experiences. I brought these gadgets to this year's World Maker Faire in NYC. I was honored with the Editor's Choice Award and the Educator's Choice Award.

For a list of all the gadgets and some samples, check out: