Spy Microphone (Glass Ear) Kit

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** Please only listen to conversations you have been given permission to. **

In Dog Gone Dog, Dewey takes apart a stud finder in order to listen through a window and hear what is happening inside. This is easily achieved through a piezo element. Piezo element are cooler than cool. Usually they are used to make a buzzing sound. Electricity is sent into them, which causes them to vibrate. You can find these in in alarm clocks, stop watches, and toys. You can use them in a backwards way, too! When they "feel" vibrations (sound), they turn it into an electrical signal. You will need an simple amplifier to make that signal loud enough to hear. Basically, anything you add the piezo element to will become a microphone. You will hear all of the sound that object "feels."


Glass Ear Kit Contents:

- 1 piezo element

- 2 alligator clip wires

- 1 mono 1/8 inch audio plug


You will need to use something to amplify the audio signal. This can be done with a guitar amplifier, a stereo system, a computer, or handheld recorder.